Elephant Surf products have appeared in Surfer Magazine (online and in print) for both the Summer and Winter "Essentials" list, Eat-Shop-Surf, Transworld Surf, Tracks Magazine, Surfline.com, Thrillist, AWSM and countless other surf outlets. The following are unpaid product reviews of the Pro Model.

From a Tracks Magazine (Australia) product review of the Pro Model titled "Surf Specific Compression Shorts": 

The quality of the workmanship is first class, a strong double flat-lock stitch, binding the numerous panels and a firm wide elastic waist to ensure they don’t slip down or move. Sitting and swinging around on my board was aided by a textured rubber/neoprene panel on the underside of my leg. It provided grip and control which I hadn’t had before, this is also prime area for board rash so, job done here. Verdict: Recommended. A worth while investment

From a Daily Stoke product review of the Pro Model titled "The Cure for Boardshort Rash, Finally":

They have been engineered to handle the slide factor by integrating 2 mm neoprene panels on the inner thighs. This addition gives you protection in all the right spots and keeps your shorts from riding up your legs. I was lucky enough to test the trunks in some warm water on a recent trip and I have to say that they really do work well! After quite a few extended sessions I had no rash issues or signs of chafing and I found they dried quickly and you almost forget they are on after a while. The fit, stitching, and overall craftsmanship of these Trunks is top notch and best of all they are made right here in the good ol’ USA, San Diego, CA to be exact.

From a surfing.about.com review of the Pro Model by Jay Dimartino:

I wore the Elephant Surf signature compression short under my regular baggies over the course of 3 days for a total of 4 sessions. In the water, I dug the overall feel. There was the sense like with a wetsuit that my muscles were being held firm but with none of the resistance. I had several fun sessions and liked the way the shorts felt. I will say that I really liked the 2 mm neoprene strips. They eliminated any rash issues, and they effectively gripped the rails of my board. There was a sense of greater control when spinning around for a wave or going from sitting to lying prone on the surfboard. The real deal: The Elephant Surf trunks I tried were well constructed, very comfortable, and (according to their website) made in America.

From a Surfboard Shack (Hawaii) review of the Pro Model:

They fit snug just like a spring suit and the grippy neoprene keeps your boardshorts from riding up. The great thing about these under trunks is their protection of chafe as I surfed with ‘The Trunks’ on several 3+ [hour] surf sessions without any hints of rash or chafe.

From a TRND COLLECTIVE article about the Pro Model:

Chafing hurts and it takes away from the overall goal of spending more time catching waves. Elephant Surf has come up with a way to protect your lower region from the perils of the ocean.